Axway 2017 Annual Results

€299.8m revenue, OPA was 13.5% of revenue, net profit 1.5% of revenue and Cloud operations generated +14.4% organic growth

Full-Year Results 2017

Press Release
Analyst's Conference Presentation
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Axway Interim Financial Report 30 June 2017 now available

About Axway

Axway (Euronext: AXW.PA) unlocks digital experiences by connecting individuals, systems, businesses and customer ecosystems with digital infrastructure solutions. AMPLIFY™, Axway's hybrid integration platform, connects data from any device anywhere, expands collaboration, fuels millions of apps and supplies real-time analytics to build customer experience networks. From idea to execution, Axway's expertise in API management, secure file exchange and B2B/EDI integration have solved the toughest data challenges for more than 11,000 organizations in 100 countries. To learn more, visit

Interactive registration Document 2016


Annual Reports 2016

This section regroups all the Axway reports: Registration Document 2016, Strategy & Offer, Key Figures 2016 and Human Ressources & Corporate Social Responsibility.


What's New

Axway announces the acquisition of Syncplicity in USA. Recognized for its EFSS (Enterprise File Sharing and Synchronization) technologies.
  Axway 5th French software publisher in the Truffle 100 ranking


Filing of 2017 Registration Document
April 26, 2018
Press Release for the 1st quarter 2018 (after stock market closure)
April 19, 2018
Analysts' Conference & Webcast 5:00 pm CET - Full-Year Results 2017 - Cloud Business Center (10bis rue du 4 septembre 75002 Paris)
February 15, 2018

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