Investor Relations

Audit Committee

Audit Committee members:

  • Hervé Saint-Sauveur - Chairman
  • Hervé Dechelette - Member
  • Michael Gollner - Member
  • Helen Louise Heslop - Member
  • Véronique de La Bachelerie - Member

The Audit Committee is composed of at least three members appointed by the Board of Directors, the majority of whom must satisfy the criteria to be considered as independent and none of whom may serve in an executive position.

In performing its duties, the Committee may:

  • Request all internal documents necessary for the performance of these duties
  • Question any persons internal or external to the Group to obtain information
  • Where deemed necessary, appoint independent experts to provide assistance

The main responsibilities of the Audit Committee are to:

  • Monitor procedures used within the Group to prepare and process accounting and financial information and examine the Group's financial statements
  • Promote the effectiveness of internal control and risk management procedures
  • Monitor the statutory audit of the Group's financial statements by the Statutory Auditors
  • Ensure compliance with the independence requirement for Statutory Auditors.

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